Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Back

Hello again,
I haven't totally fell off the face of the earth. Just transitioned to a new part of it. It's been such a crazy couple months but things are starting to settle down a bit. Gavin and I spent 2 weeks in Mississippi visiting family from mid to end of September. However, the night before we left for MS Randy came home from work with news that we were moving to Houston. He was given the opportunity to manage the Houston store and very gladly accepted! The down side was that he had to start the next day. Wow what a whirlwind!! It's going to be a great, positive thing for us once we finally get settled in. After returning from MS, we gathered up some of our belongings and all Gavin's furniture and moved into our temporary housing here in Kingwood. Randy was able to rent us a 2bed/2bath furnished apartment that is brand new. It's very nice and spacious and I'm so enjoying the downsize in cleaning. Of course I would though...being that I'm 33 weeks pregnant. I have managed to find a new Doctor, one that I'm not so sure about, but am hoping for the best. We are currently trying to sell both houses in Laredo and looking pretty seriously here for a new home. Randy is just itching to buy something before the baby comes. There are so many options here that I've only been left confused after every weekend of touring these beautiful homes.
Well, hopefully that gives you a glimpse of how we are doing here. Sorry, that there aren't any pictures uploaded. I managed to bring my camera, but not the CD to install it on Randy's laptop. Hopefully next trip.

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