Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our new daughter!

Hello out there. So it's been a while, I know. But not 9 months! We have a new family member for the next 4 months. Birte, our new foreign exchange student from Germany. She's 16 and joined our family 1 week ago today. We are enjoying her being here and Gavin is already a big fan. He was already calling her name by the 2nd day. The first afternoon she was here he would go into her room and tell me bye-bye and shut the door. I hope he doesn't drive her crazy before May 29th.

Your probably wondering how did we ever get involved with something like this. We know a lady in town that works with the program and she called us out of the blue about 3 weeks ago and ask if we would consider hosting a student. We thought about it for like 2 minutes and Randy said let's do it. I knew he would. He loves doing things to help people, so I knew he would jump at this opportunity.

Now that she's here and settling into "Laredo, TX" of all places, Randy has insisted that I plan some trips to show her a little more of the U.S. I've just finished booking our travels for the next 2 months. We are taking her to the San Antonio Stock show and rodeo on Valentines Day. This will be her first rodeo. Gavin will enjoy it also!! Later in February we are all flying to Colorado Springs to see our "second parents" as we call them, the Britton's. Then in March for Spring break I'll be taking her with me to Mississippi for a full 5 1/2 days of nothing but Southern Hospitality!! Hope she likes fried chicken and collard greens. :)) She's in for a treat!!

Well, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, this is all I could manage to get in short notice.

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