Friday, March 26, 2010

Mississippi Fun

Hello from Sunny Laredo! I realize it's been a while. We had a GREAT time in Mississippi over Spring Break and are getting back into the routine of things here in Laredo. We visited with many family members and even made a special trip to the Gulf Coast to see my Aunt and Cousin whom I haven't seen since one week before Hurricane Katrina hit them. My Aunt has a neat new "round house" on stilts!! This was my first trip to the Coast since the Hurricane and I couldn't not believe all the damage. We had a great time visiting with them. My sister Amber was able to come down and spend 3 days with us. Birte was exposed to a whole new way of life. I ask her what her favorite Southern dish was and she said she didn't know...we ate to many!! She was kidding either. We stuffed our faces the entire trip. She really seemed to enjoy MS. and all the open spaces. She got to do alot of firsts on this trip. Visit the South, eat Southern food, ride a 4-wheeler, ride in a golf cart, ride a horse, put her feet in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm sure I am forgetting something. We had FUN!! Here are a few pictures from our trip. Hope you enjoy!!

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